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 Earth-Link; Earth-Light is a Non-Profit Organization created for the betterment of the world and the development of third world countries.


Our Chapters


Divine Source Ministries

We have the Divine Source Ministries, which role is to teach the universal wisdom of Jesus Christ, motivate and enlighten humans through seminars, prayer camps, and crusades.

Women World

We have the Women World Chapter, which role is to target women issues around the globe and help deal with them, advocate the women rights, motivate them and inspire them to greatness.

Deep Within Youth

We have the Deep Within Love Chapter, which role is to motivate, inspire, and advise the youth with great insights to better their living and bring a safeguard to their future

World Peace

We have the World Peace Chapter, which role is to advocate for human right and to promote peace around the globe through conferences, seminars, and books distribution..




Vitam Novam means New Life. It is the platform through which all our chapters execute their ideas and vision. All our programs, courses, and classes are within the Vitam Novam platform.

Vitam Novam U.S

Vitam Novam International